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Enhancing The Ability Of Human Supercomputer 'The Brain' via Web & Mobile App With WooCommerce Functionality.

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We all know that 'Brain' is the key organ of a human body. In fact, the most inquisitively important and a definite one to marvel upon. Over the years it collects indefinite information and data in all forms, colour, size only to satisfy it's hunger for 'Knowledge & Learning', the 2 key salient characteristics of it while performing all the other crucial body & mind's functions. Most of the mystery surrounding the brain still remains at bay. However, what the findings suggest that an average brain struggles to keep up with the storage of these data, information, memory, etc. as we grow and hence, our brain is forced to filter. In the process, either find it hard to learn and understand or simply loses the irrelevant, out of which what can be conquered on is how to understand effectively & efficiently while retaining most of it.


To overcome this complexity of the brain, CoursePics have come up with the unusual, unthinkable simplest solution. Brain's mental abilities involve cognitive functions which allow us to understand and relate to our surrounding world. Some of the main cognitive functions are attention, memory, language, visual-perceptive and visual-spatial functions. An important point to remember is that these cognitive functions are interrelated and sometimes they do overlap. CoursePics understood this and have innovatively redesigned the learning process. "I created a method of learning that worked parallel to how our brains like to learn and responds well by just using emotions and colour", as quoted by Dr Ryan Jones, 'General Surgeon & Founder of CoursePics'.

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Business process

Initially, few weeks of product-related brainstorming sessions with CoursePics team led us to understand their technical requirements, specifics and allowed us with the time to go through their current development. Simultaneously, at TechnoCrackers, we started building and analyzing to develop a custom database structure. Our proposed solution was to have a WordPress website with WooCommerce Plug-In and Mobile App ready as per their specifications. To develop mobile app development we did some research for few days initially because it was totally new concept we need to develop because there was no any reference available for that. For their product development, CoursePics teamed up with former Disney artists to bring their illustrations to life. These illustrators have subjectively broken down the content of textbooks into chapters over several sections with Pictorial Representation and Intuitive Sketches. For e.g subjects like biology or

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The Idea

The idea was to restructure the learning process with 'Visual Cues' henceforth called as "CoursePics" and 'Intuitive Sketches' were incorporated to masterfully illustrate CoursePics. The primary task at hand was to create not only an innovative audiovisual format for optimum learning but also it should be visually appealing. It has been observed that the brain responds amazingly well to the pictures recall to memory key facts. (Overlapping of Memory & Visual).


- Indeed, the most challenging part for CoursePics was to, first of all, have a product which is as visually appealing as the idea itself and also which is customer-centric. Hence, their search for developing the CoursePics' website and mobile application along with marketing strategy in place, eventually ended at TechnoCrackers.

- Moreover, while we were in the process of achieving our initial challenge, we were given additional responsibiltity to simultaneously start developing the mobile app as well. Within a blink of an eye, our mobile app development team were on to "Challenge 1.2".

- We understood that the CoursePics wanted an audio visual learning app and hence their main objective of the app is to perfectly synchronize the audio and visuals as image.

- The credit goes to our dedicated and best resource allocation of coders and web designers who converted these designs to a responsive WordPress theme.

Coursepics Mobile App

Project Challenges

The test ahead us was to create a perfect finished product which is efficient in design and productive in operationality

To be able to deliver an interface which needed to be UI/UX focused and easy navigation.

The client's requirement was to build the website on a powerful CMS which can accommodate current as well as can adapt future functionalities also and yet has simple to use and easy-to-learn (which suffices the basic principle behind the idea of CoursePics)

CoursePics is one of its kind in education start-up industry. Hence, a website which is responsive as well as design-adapt for small to large-sized online merchants to offer their products/services

As the project came with a specific timeline, our expertise was put to trial in planning, testing and for overall project delivery. But we were able to offer the solution on time

For the "CoursePics Mobile App" to sync audio with image visualization

Technical Implementation

Under the shadow of a prominent team including a technical lead, front/back-end engineers as per need, WordPress developer and others for deployment and teamwork, we helped CoursePics with a seamlessly working platform and also integrating several other systems.

Additionally, the data is securely stored locally and can be put to use there is no internet connectivity.

Mobile App Technical Implementation:

To Play Audio - We used 'Native Media Player of Mobile OS'

For Image Visualization - Image & Screen Co-ordinates to zoom in/out to a particular portion of the image

Image Conversion - From Full image to Bitmap using co-ordinates with related width & height

Data Stored - Securely stored locally and can be used when internet is not connected

Solutions Offered w.r.t Project Challenges

For the efficient and productive website, we offered to use WordPress CMS and integrate with WooCommerce PlugIn tool for WooCommerce Subscription

Incorporated with clean and crisp design to have seamless and eye-catchy audiovisual result. Also, a simple layout was chosen to which new themes could easily be applied without disturbing the core structure

To give an edge on functionality quotient necessary plug-ins were integrated and customized for higher website ranking

Developed an entire tool which was jquery based custom. A safe & secure eCommerce system was designed for the users

Our business model & methodology ensures that all the parameters that needed in discovering, designing, building and implementing for the website development are in accordance to adhere to the timeline of the project

We managed to develop "CoursePics Mobile App" to sync audio with image visualization by applying and using certain parameters of custom coding and logic

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