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Developed a responsive WordPress website with optimized core web vitals for a brand that designs & manufactures quality workwear for hard-working women in heavy-duty professions.

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LIBAERTY focuses on designing comfortable and durable clothing for working women in the most demanding environments so that they may thrive and feel good about themselves. The founder, Tobias Pagel along with Abigail G.L., a professor and feminine design specialist, worked towards making the work wear safe and comfortable with their brand - LIBAERTY.


Through the idea of LIBAERTY, Mr. Tobias wanted to reach out to numerous such women and organizations that dealt in heavy-duty work where they had little to no knowledge of providing secure & comfortable workwear for women. He had specific goal sets to showcase the products and have intelligent call-to-actions to benefit both parties mutually. Additionally, he desired to bring the idea to life through imagery, social media integrations, testimonials, and custom-tailored discount programs. The client also put a request to make the website SEO friendly and have an SEO score of 90+ on various platforms.

Business process

A team of web developers and web designers sat together to jot down an action plan for the project. The project had to be built from scratch and had to be presented as per the requirements of the client, like to create a safe and simple online-store experience to sell the products, collect email leads, present the brand through images, creation of custom discount codes, target segment relevant resources library, integrate social media and customer testimonials on the website. The Technocrackers team from the beginning worked upon making the website SEO-friendly to ensure that the web core vitals always remained search-engine healthy. WordPress and WooCommerce ecommerce platforms rang a bell for the listed requirements. Hence, it was suggested to the client, and an initial mock-up design was created.

Libaerty Case Study


- Many of the most crucial things you can do is to exhibit your brand to potential buyers. Customers are more likely to buy from you if you clearly define who you are, what you signify, and what you strive for.

- It was clear to the team that LIBAERTY had to resonate with its idea & the very purpose of the business. It should tell the customer that LIBAERTY cares genuinely for women out there through creative branding, powerful content & clever call-to-actions.

- LIBAERTY is a start-up; hence, with no other presence on the internet, the challenge was to bring this whole thing together to resonate with who-so-ever visits the website. Right from the design to development & quality, this was one thing that had to be kept in mind to deliver this project.

Technical Implementation

We went all-in with our best hands on the deck. A team of designers & developers worked on it day-in and day out. It started with deciding on a platform like WordPress & WooCommerce, mock-up designs, and then smart coding. There had to be features on the website that could collect email leads from customers; hence, we had to ensure that the coding is just to the point so that everything from the button click to database integration goes smoothly.

We integrated some very important features to the website like,

Pre-order function: A pre-order is a purchase made for a product that has not yet been launched or is out of stock. When they become available, they are mailed to the purchaser. Customers can place pre-orders for things before they are offered.

'Coming Soon' product alerts: A 'Waitlist' option was created for products that are in a design or manufacturing phase so that customers get notified when it becomes available for purchase. It is similar to the 'Add to cart' button, just that here the product is yet to be launched, and after clicking on 'Waitlist' button, you are asked for an email ID on which you wish to be notified.

Community Program: LIBAERTY cares about hard-working women. Hence, it has introduced a community program that offers a 10-15% discount to women who mention that they work at a heavy-duty site with valid proof.

Partnership: LIBAERTY has tied up with various construction, agriculture and similar "heavy-duty" industries to provide workwear to women at a discounted price. A custom code is generated for the company from the backend, which the partner company then shares to shop workwear online.

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Website Speed & Performance

Responsive web design & browser compatible: With most people now using mobile devices to view websites, it was important for LIBAERTY to match with the requirement too. Hence, we achieved responsive web design for various devices like iPad, desktops and mobile devices. The website was also browser compatible, which means it could run on various browsers like Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, Edge and so on, without any glitches.

Core Web Vitals: Technocracker's team had promised the client to keep the website SEO-friendly from the start. Hence, our SEO team worked with the developers & designers to ensure that every aspect of SEO was achieved. And when Google rolled out the core web vital update, we were ready with it by the time! Client was impressed by this. Our FCP score was 1.4seconds, the interactivity (FID) score was 2.0seconds and CLS was at zero. Google, with its new algorithm update in June 2021, considers these parameters to rank a website on SERPs.

SEO Performance Score: With our years of experience, we have some full-proof SEO practises at hand that can help brands gain a good edge over their competitors. With LIBAERTY’s new website, we maintained that. The overall SEO score of the website was 90+, the website's performance & accessibility score was at 96, and it had 93% SEO best practises.

Creative Branding & Core Web Vitals

A brand may build an identity that distinguishes itself from the competitors and establishes a relationship with its audience via creativity, talent, and strategy. Even the most successful firms would be uninteresting if they lacked a strong brand. So LIBAERTY wasn't just a development project, but it was focused around the fact that whatever we do had to reflect the idea of LIBAERTY - hard-working women.

Even before Google rolled out the core web vital update, the website was up-to-date with it. This made LIBAERTY achieve things even faster - higher rank & engagement.

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