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We all know the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". Most of us will agree to it and some of us might have experienced it as well. Especially, this hits you hard when you are not at fault for say, for some reason you started hearing those clinky noises coming out from the back of the car or maybe suddenly the car seems to be feeling imbalanced or could be one of the many other million reasons that a person might be needing the work done on their ride.

Customizing is another thing that few of the car enthusiasts go for so as to upgrade the car's performance. For this, they are always looking for different parts but some of them are hardly available in the market and on top of that, nobody knows or can guide you properly from where to get it.


"Price My Ride" could actually correlate with such car owners and their 'tough get going'. Hence, they presented a solution that could put an end to it and let the car owners be worry-free about any mechanical problems. They came up with an online portal where car owners and workshop could get together by creating a free account. One can either register as a workshop or as a customer.

Once the account is created then you can log in at any time and post your service request. Based on your service type and city selected where the service is required, accordingly, workshops will offer a deal. Furthermore, customers can get connected to these workshops via a chat for any query or concern and mutually can be agreed upon a deal.

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Business process

Our team was quickly up for the challenging task and hence, started assessing all the vital parameters associated with analysing and executing with creating a database structure. We presented a WordPress website with certain custom Plug-Ins for the website. So a well-designed website that is not only responsive in nature but also design oriented was an important task at hand.

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The hardest part was to collaborate the idea into its practical approach and making it functional and operational within a specific timeframe as per the project requirement. Also, to blend the design of the website with seamless UI/UX and easy navigation with features and functionalities of the project. But the well apt team at 'TechnoCrakers' were formidable in implementing strategies rigorously with the planned process workflow to finish the task.

Solutions offered

"Price My Ride" team was offered to build the website with the latest technology stacks. Also, we offered to let the system send an automatic email to the workshop when a customer sends a service request and another one when any of the workshop offer or deal is accepted or approved by the customer. We also proposed a solution to keep data secure with cloud storage.

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