How to Update and Modify Prices in Bulk with the Help of Woocommerce Plugin?

March 4, 2021 - techno
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It becomes impossible to edit, change and handle certain items separately if the WooCommerce online shop has a large number of products.

It is a difficult and time-consuming job to manage stores that have a lot of items, particularly when it comes to editing. You can quickly open up each product and edit the specifics when you have fewer products, so what about when you have more than a long list?

Even though WooCommerce products have a bulk edit function, you can only handle less than 999 products. Therefore, you need woo bulk price update plugins that will help you edit or make specific improvements as easily as possible if you have more than 1000 items.

For example, if you have products with lots of variants, upgrading all the characteristics and variations of the products is hard work. With a lot of bulk editing options and support for any product-related properties, this WooCommerce bulk price update plugin tends to make the bulk editing job simpler.

The plugin for bulk price update WooCommerce is designed to allow the owner of the shop to easily adjust commodity prices, including seasonal items in just a few minutes. You don’t need to go in and change every single product. You will update the standard price and the sale price for all goods in the segment at the same time.

This bulk price update plugin for WooCommerce is available in free and premium version. The premium version can be bought at a very affordable price of $15/year for one domain, and $60/year for five domains.

The FREE version has the following features,

  • Easy to install. No need to play around with shortcodes.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Apply the value in percentage (%).
  • Select categories from dropdown.
  • Round up your result/updated price.
  • Select increase or decrease action.

The Premium version has these additional features,

  • Work with variable products as well.
  • Update product prices with fixed amount/price.You can update prices for specific products.

It’s time to benefit from this Woocommerce Bulk Price Update Plugin. Download now!

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