Why is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

June 2, 2021 - techno
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Google handles over 40,000 search queries every second on an average, equating to approximately 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year globally.

The numbers are crazy, we know. But, it’s even crazy to know that a high-ranking page can draw tens of thousands of people to a website. Search engines are still one of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your website.

As a result, almost every website owner (ideally) is concerned with SEO. We have mentioned different SEO tactics like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, design-friendly SEO, but today, we tell you about a CMS framework – WordPress, that would add the right amount of boost to your SEO strategies.

Simply adapting to WordPress puts you ahead of the SEO game. However, it is necessary to know the WordPress SEO features so you can take advantage of getting your website built under it.

HOW? Let’s read!

SEO Optimized Themes:

WordPress comes with several unique features that can help your site’s search engine optimization. Website themes are one of them. Themes are beneficial in a variety of ways. For starters, a high-quality theme will ensure that your site generates the necessary HTML markup, thereby covering your technical SEO.

Good themes, on the other hand, make your site appear professional and appealing. This impacts things like how long visitors stay on your site (or hit the back button). Both are indicators of Google’s quality (or lack of), which will affect your search rankings. So it’s not just about appearances.

SEO Friendly Features you’d hardly find anywhere else:

In terms of SEO, simply utilizing WordPress gives you various advantages. The platform allows you to take care of many WordPress SEO key areas, especially when it comes to on-page SEO.

Proper HTML markup – WordPress provides HTML pages easily understood by search engines while largely coded in PHP. The most recent generation of themes (such as Genesis) has begun to take advantage of HTML5 and its benefits.

SEO-friendly permalinks – The ability to utilize so-called “beautiful permalinks” comes standard with WordPress. This means that keywords can be included in links to articles and pages so that search engines and visitors can comprehend what they’re about. In addition, of course, you may control the link’s content, which is a new WordPress standard setting.

Headings and title tags — One of the most significant aspects of on-page SEO is the page title (usually encased in h1 tags). It informs Google about the information in your text and gives it structure, together with other heading tags. But, again, you can do all of this with WordPress without having to write the HTML tags manually.

Content creation is simple – Content has evolved into a technique for standing out in search engines. Fortunately, WordPress, as a previous blogging platform, enables producing high-quality content as simple as using a word processor. Multimedia content, such as videos and photographs, is likewise not an issue with WordPress.

Image optimization – When it comes to pictures, the WordPress editor allows you to add photos and other visuals to your text and optimize them further using ALT tags, descriptions, and other features.

Social Media Support:

To break it to you, organic traffic isn’t everything, and Google isn’t the only source of visitors. Apart from search engines, social media networks with millions of users are now a huge platform to attract visitors to your website

As a result, incorporating social sharing into your site from the start is a fantastic idea. WordPress has a number of options for this, including Jetpack sharing, SumoMe, and others.

How is that related to WordPress SEO? Search engines, on the other hand, consider social signals when ranking your website. That means the more people share your content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the better it will rank in Google.

SEO Plugins to make it easier!

Aside from themes and core WordPress features, there are many WordPress plugins available to enhance the platform’s SEO potential. These plugins enhance various aspects of the WordPress SEO puzzle, allowing the platform to perform even better.

Quick-Loading websites through WordPress Development:

It is common knowledge that Google is concerned with the speed with which web pages load. The time it takes for a site to display on the screen, especially for mobile sites, is an essential sign of quality.

Anyone who has ever put up a WordPress website can attest that in their default configuration, they load relatively rapidly. However, it is true that if WordPress sites are not used properly, they can become extremely slow.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you use a high-quality theme, use reliable hosting, and follow recommended practices for speeding up WordPress. An experienced WordPress Development Agencies. can certainly help you with that.

Mobile Optimization for the WIN:

No website should be without a mobile-friendly website in a world when mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers everywhere, and Google is quite vocal about utilizing mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion. In fact, without mobile optimization, websites no longer appear in Google search results for mobile searches.

Even if you don’t have a suitable theme (yet), you can utilize plugins like Jetpack to build a mobile version of your site.


Because search engines are still the most important traffic source for most websites, SEO remains a vital discipline and topic. As a result, if you want to rank high in search results, you need to build your site on a platform to assist you.

And to do that, you need an expert WordPress Development partner that can help you build a WordPress SEO based website. Technocrackers is a leading WordPress development company based in India that has built various WordPress websites for clients worldwide from various industry backgrounds. Our certified WordPress developers can cater to your requirements like WordPress web development, blog creation, custom module/plugin development, theme customization and CMS development.

The WordPress platform is your best chance if you want to make it to Google’s main page. And Technocrackers is the best WordPress development company that can help you achieve that! Contact us today for a consultation!

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